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       The company is located in the PixianCounty, west suburb of Chengdu, twenty miles away from downtown of Chengdu. There are a lot of scenery spots around the county, with the national highway 317(Cheng-Guan Road) going past by the south and the Sha Xi Road across the north.
       The company has a history of more than twenty years. It is a professional enterprise designated by former Ministry of Machinery and Ministry of Power to produce 0.5~40.5kV current/voltage inductors, dry-type transformers and various insulating accessories for switchgears etc.. In 2000, the company was recommended by the State Economic & Trade Commission(see the document [2000]367) as an enterprise to participate in the updating of the Third National Urban and Rural Power Grid and supply products for this. During the past years, the company has improved its equipment and technologic processes, built a scientific and complete quality system, formed a high-quality and high-efficiency team in managing production and facilities, and passed the ISO9001 and GB/T9001 Quality System Certification. At present, it has a series of advanced equipment such as the vacuum epoxy-injecting production line, vacuum paint-soaking equipment, PG equipment(for making inductors with APG technology), and SMC/DMC plastic pressure devices. It also owns excellent detecting apparatus and devices(including X-ray flaw detection), which can satisfy test requirements for both common and special products.
       The company occupies an area of 18,000 square meters and employs a large number of intelligents, 50 of whom with high or medium-level technical qualification and graduate degree or above. It develops and manufactures all sorts of products to meet customers’ special requirements, its annual production output reaching 50 million yuan. Due to the diversity, quality and reliability of its products, the company is highly valued by its users and has been a supplier for over 100 switch makers—Electric Factory of Xi’an Gaoya DianQi Yanjiusuo, Changcheng Switchgear Factory, Xi’an Electric Device Factory, Sichuan Switchgear Factory, Sichuan Electrical Co.,Ltd., Chengdu Tongli Group, and Shenyang Huali Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd. and so on. The company’s products are well-know for its safety and good service. They are widely accepted by its customers and some of them have been exported.
       In the process of its operation and development, the company has been sticking to the concept and spirit of “Serving clients as God with top credit and top quality” and “Making the best through creativity and innovations”. Our purpose is to offer customers more quality products and more satisfying services. We heartily welcome our old and new friends from all areas to visit us. We hope to cooperate with you and jointly create a brighter future.
     current transformer series
    LCZ-35 series LZZBJ9-35D series LZZBJ-27.5 series LDJ1-4O.5 series
    LDJ2-40.5 series LCZ-35W1 series LFS-10 series LDJ-10Q/275 series
    LDJ-1OQ/210 series LFSQ-10(Q) series LZZBJ-12W1 series LZZBJ-12W1Sl series
    LMZ1-O.5 series LMZJ1-0.5 series LMZ3-0.66/1 series LMZ3D-0.66 series
    LQG-0.5 series LQZ-O.66 series LJZ-φ(65~150) series LMK-0.66 series
    BH-0.66 series SDH-O.66 series LZX-10Q series LMZB-12W1 series
     transformer series
    JDG-0.5 series JDZ9-35 series JDZX9-35 series
    JDZ(J)-10GY series JDZ(J)-3Q、6Q、10Q series JDZX9-12W1 series
    JDZ9-12W1 series REL10-(JDZJ10-10) series RZL10-(JDZ10-10) series
     Insulation fitting series
    YZN-40.5-G series insulator porcelain YZN-12M-Ginsulator porcelain YZN-12insulator porcelain and insulator stay
    YZN-40.5insulator porcelain and insulator stay YCM-12 F-G/×series duct  CG-40.5Qseries sensor
    CG-3、6、10Q series sensor CHZ2B-40.5series touching box CHZ1B-40.5series touching box
    YCH-12 F-G/×seriestouching box YCH□-40.5 F-G/×seriestouching box YCM-40.5 F-G/×series duct
     High voltage display device with current
    DXN indoor High voltage display device with current DXNT-ⅡHigh voltage display device with current and electronic display device

      Our products have been made with the APG craftwork. The quality is reliable and safety. Our products have become the matching fitting of many companies such as Xi’an apparatus factory, Tianshui changcheng switch factory, Xi’an high-voltage switch factory, Sichuan switch factory, and Tongli group. We offer the excellent quality service for the rebuilding of the electric fence and the power syteme.
      In the new century, we will be committed to the mission” Quality first, client top, and science innovation” and create the splendid tomorrow with all the friends together.
    Address: SandaoyanTown,PixianCounty,Chendu,Sichuan  TEL: 028-87981072  87983815
    FAX: 028-87981834  Postcode: 611741  Account number: 857101040003949
    Opening bank: Business office Pixian County Branchof Agricultural Bank of China ICP备案号:蜀ICP备05001178号